Technical Specifications
Navigating method Laser SLAM +Vision +IMU
Dimensions 985*782*300mm(L*W*H)
Maximum payload 1000kg
Position Accuracy ±1cm/1°
Stop Accuracy ±2mm/0.5°
Speed 0~1.2m/s
Turning radius 593mm
Obstacle Detection Sensor Safety laser protection + Anti-collision bar+audible and visua
Maximum Map Size ≥1000000㎡
Charging Time/Running time 3h / ≥8h


  • Move unhindered in all scenarios

    Robots operate unhindered in the factory without the material transfer vehicles operating between two set locations and in fixed areas to minimize smart vehicles in the factory.

  • Customization to meet your needs

    Our full stack R&D team can provide customized design to meet your factory conditions. Currently we have successfully helped our clients tackled engineering roadblocks and delivered whole factory solution to our key partner in vertical industries.

  • Cluster scheduling

    Multiple robot scheduling and management system supports the optimal scheduling and coordination of a fleet of about a thousand vehicles.

  • Connectivity in the factory

    Exclusive logistics management middleware software system MCS can directly connects to the enterprise information system such as MES / WMS, also it integrates data in users’ devices such as air shower doors, magnetic stripe vehicles and elevators to achieve digitization in the factory.

  • Ease to learn and use

    Automatic map building without scene modification. Our exclusive CARLY teaching and programming software allows technicians to deploy robots, assign and program task and as well as do preventive maintenance of robots.

Intelligent scheduling

The powerful and elegant fleet control software Cloudia will help multiple robots work in a more efficient and collaborative way. With the advanced scheduling and planning algorithms, the system will assign different jobs to the right agent at the right time, minimize the idle time for each and every equipment of your warehouse/factory and save the overall logistics cost. Cloudia can also easily integrated with an existing Warehouse Management System(WMS), Manufacturing Execution System(MES) or Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) for further automation so that all the tasks and movements can be organized as a whole to gain further efficiencies.

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3C / Semiconductor / Pharmaceutical Industry / Aero and Aerial Equipment Manufacture Automobile-Manufacture / Electrical-Equipment Manufacture / Textile Industry /Electrical Appliances Manufacture/ Food Industry/ Heavy Industry